Sarah Laurie

Having lost 6 stone though healthy eating and being a member of FX Leisure for 2 years I found my efforts were not providing the results I was looking to achieve. I became a client of David’s’ 11 weeks ago with the aim to tone and firm up. David created a specialist training programme to suit my requirements and provided nutritional advice to help me achieve my goals.

David has helped to motivate me, give me confidence and improve my body image. I feel healthier, fitter, more toned and full of energy. I enjoy every minute of my workouts and look forward to my one to one PT sessions. Not only do I find David’s training sessions fun and creative, but I am learning new skills every week.


In just 11 weeks I have had fabulous results which have been noticed by family, friends and members of the gym. The compliments I have received together with David’s encouragement have given me such a lift and a massive boost in confidence which feels great!

Sarah Laurie (King), results after 10 weeks training

Lost 6,25 inches/15.5 cms & 15mm body fat -3.75%!!!




6 weeks ago with my wedding day fast approaching I decided to try David’s Belly Blast 2.0 Diet together with his conditioning class and also continue with my weekly personal training sessions.  Within 1 week I could see results, even with eating 5 meals a day! My muscle definition improved from week to week and my abs have made a much welcome appearance, I have enjoyed every minute and feel amazing.  Thank you David for all your support!

Sarah Laurie (King), results after 6 weeks training

Lost 12 inches/31.5cms & -16mm body fat -5%!!!

Lost 7lbs of body fat & gained 5lbs of lean muscle!

TOTAL LOSS: 18.25inches/46cm & 31mm BODY FAT, -8.75%

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS 6st 7lbs!! from 15st down to 8st 7lbs!!


How many times per week

  • Monday 10:00 — 12:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 — 14:00
  • Friday 10:00 — 12:00
  • Saturday 18:00 — 20:00
  • Sunday 19:30 — 21:30