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Learn the healthy natural way to clear beautiful skin by balancing your hormones and reap the benefits!

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If you are prone to bad skin on your face and/or body – spots, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, cysts or just want to improve your skin then this is the program for you.


The 2 primary factors of hormonal balance are:

  1. Hormones are produced by your body in the correct balance
  2. Excess and used hormones are cleansed from your system by your body

With the two factors working in harmony your body will have a perfect hormonal
balance. However if any or both of the following occur then your body will have a
hormonal imbalance causing mild to extreme problems with your system:

  1. Your body over produces hormones
  2. Excess hormones are not cleansed by your body and turn rogue
  • Prevent spots rather than deal with existing spots
  • See results within days
  • Prevent future spots and break-outs
  • Improve your skin and confidence
  • Balance your hormones
  • No harsh creams or tablets
  • All natural working with your body – not against it
  • No side effects – just improvements
  • Relieves PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Restores and boosts sex drive
  • Helps convert fat for energy
  • Promotes clear complexion during PMS
  • Natural anti-depressant
  • Improves sleep patterns

How many of you have tried harsh painful creams that leave the skin dry or red and angry? Or been prescribed tablets from the GP with harsh side effects?

 – And have you really seen great results from these???

The My-SKIN Method deals with the reason you have bad skin and spots, giving you clear beautiful skin from the inside out. Rather than getting rid of the existing spots and bad skin (which your body does naturally – but never as fast as you would want – more of this in the bonus) this method gets to the root of the problem and prevents further spots appearing.  This means your skin will progressively get better and better, making you look and feel better and rebuilding your confidence again.

“I’ve spend £1000s on treatments and products, most that never worked. I’m so glad I did the trial. I can honestly say this is the best and easiest and cheapest program I have used’ and the results have been great, highly recommended.” Denise Locke

GPs with give you treatments to kill the existing spots, but these will just keep coming back time and time again meaning it is a on-going battle every day.  The My-SKIN method stops the spots appearing in the first place giving your clearer healthier skin.

I’ve suffered from Crohns disease since a teenager, I went through puberty at a very young age for a lad (around 10/11) and literally lived off dairy products (milk, yogurt and cheese as a kid) and high sugar processed foods (in the 70s and 80s we didn’t know much about nutrition!) all this meant I had a pretty tough time with acne and spot on my face and back.  Doing a lot of sports and being hot and sweaty didn’t help either!  GPs prescribed all sorts of nasty tablets and creams and I even had free sunbed treatment from the NHS!  I tried loads of over the counter products, but nothing worked.  Then I got into the fitness industry and understood nutrition and how the body worked and more importantly how foods helped the body work more effectively and how foods helped balance hormones. I threw all my treatments away and sorted my skin out!

You see to get the skin you have craved for you have to start from this inside out – NOT at the skin. Now I’m not going to give away the techniques of the program – you must buy it! But making the body work effectively and then balancing your hormones is key to this method, and it is so easy.

Think about this – when do most of us get spots – as teenagers (puberty), stressful times and for women the time of the month??? Yes? Strange that these are all times when your hormones are running out of control – the good news I understand how to control these hormones (which will lead to all sorts of other improvements – hair, nails, eyes, sleep, weight loss/control, energy levels) but we also need to fix a few things first – which will also help the body improve your skin.

Now I just mentioned the main causes of hormonal in balances (puberty, stress and monthly cycle) – but there are people who unfortunately have unbalanced hormones and a weakness in their system all year round and for most of their lives…this method can help them too!

I remember the effects of how it takes over your life and knocks your confidence, I really want to help you so I’m nearly giving My-SKIN method away at this special introductory offer of only £9.99!

“So happy with my skin after using Davids method, within a week of the trial I was seeing big improvements, spots healed fasted and fewer appeared. I’ve done the method twice now and can say it’s the best thing I have done for my skin and now feel so confident about my skin and don’t have to hide behind layers of make up which I think made my skin worse.” Kate Young

The My-SKIN Method is a 14-day program which, depending on your skin, you can repeat as many times as you wish.  After each 2 week cycle your body will be stronger – meaning those spots will find it harder & harder to come back.  Many clients repeat the method every 8-10 weeks to keep on top of things. Eventually your body will start to balance your hormones naturally and you will forget the method and forget you ever had bad skin.

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