My BODYfx Transformation Plan is the ultimate in online workouts, nutrition and mindset

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With over 30 years in the health and fitness industry working all round the world I know what works and more importantly why & how it works.  However, everyone is different, what works for one might not work for the other.

With my BODYfx plan I have included so many options and variations this plan works for everyone plus I have a huge ‘lockdown’ discount saving you £££s.

  • Love exercise – do the live and catch up classes
  • Hate exercise – do the 10 minute on demand workouts
  • I have included 7 meal plans with 100s of food choices for even the fussiest of people!

These workouts and plans have been successful for many years and have been improved upon time and time again – you are now getting the best of the best!


Check out my members past results below and also from my 10 and 30 Day Challenges…RESULTS

Here is the truth – anyone can lose weight, all workouts and diets work (some better than others) we can all move more and eat less…BUT we don’t!?! WHY?  Lazy? No time? Kids? Illness/injury? Work? Mental Health?  this is all to do with mindset and I will help and support you here too.  It can be as easy looking at problems from a different point of view.  Just changing your attitude has a dramatic effect mentally. We have also found that the support group chat and weekly support Zooms have really helped.  I has been so inspirational watching member support and encourage each other – this has kept them more focused and determined leading to far better results and lasting good habits – plus a lot have become good friends through this.


So what is included in the 6 week plan?

6 Weeks access to My-IN10SITY usually £74.99

  • 100s of on-demand 10 minute workouts
  • All your meal plans (Detox, Reset & Lifestyle), recipes books and more
  • MINDfit Section – for mindset and mental health

6 Week access to my Virtual Classes usually £38.25

  • x11  live classes per week on Zoom
  • Access to 75+ live and on demand classes on Facebook

Weekly Zoom group coaching sessions usually £35

  • Support and Q & A and lots of fun

6 Weeks access to Facebook group support chat & VIP Group £30

  • 24/7 support from me and the group members


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6 Week BODYfx Plan