Fat Flush 4 Day Cleanse



Reset your body functions, lose weight and cleanse your system of all those toxins and metals which could be preventing you from burning body fat effectively!


  • Nadine Errington lost 6lbs
  • Will Loughridge lost 8lbs
  • Rachel McNeill lost 8.8lbs
  • Louise Robinson lost 7lbs & 7.5cm from her waist
  • Susan Ward lost 5lbs
  • Maeve Davies lost 6lbs
  • Nic Brown lost 7lbs


Just completed Davids' Fat Flush with amazing results - lost 8lbs in 4 days, feeling great! Energy levels really high throughout the day and having the best night sleep ever! - Will Loughridge

I was tired the first day, but have felt great since, walked every day plus workout for 2 hours and bounced out of bed - feeling really motivated from losing 7lbs in 4 days! - Louise Robinson

Wow dropped 5lbs in 4 days! Tummy has never felt flatter, really chuffed with my results.  - Susan Ward

Big massive WOW and thank you so much.  Just completed 4 day fat flush - I didn't need to loose any weight I just wanted to try the fat flush to improve skin and overall health. I honestly can say I feel amazing and for the first time in a long time had a great nights sleep ( never been known) I feel so full of energy. Oh and dropped a massive 7lb which is unreal considering how small I was anyway just gives me leeway for a drink or two whilst I'm away lol, thanks David.  - Nic Brown

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Fat Flush 4 Day Cleanse