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MY-FITNESS TRAINER - One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight Is High Intensity Exercise - EPOC is one of the secret keys to extreme weight loss. Unless you live on the moon you must know that you burn body fat by exercise. I am an expert in EPOC & NEURO METABOLIC FAT LOSS two of the fastest and most effective fat burning techniques, EPOC = High Intensity Exercise.

Only one problem - not just any exercise will do the job...

Most gym members assume loads of rowing, x-training & hours of sweating on the treadmill will burn all their stubborn fat off –SORRY BUT WRONG! Those machines are called ‘cardio machines’ for a reason…they’re great for your cardio system – heart and lungs…NOT fat burning! Performing Functional Fat-burn Intensive Training (F.F.I.T.) and High Intensity Intervals Training (H.I.I.T.) combined with resistance and body weight exercises will keep your system burning calories for up to 48 after you finish training, all thanks to EPOC!

EPOC stands for: Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

This is the ADDITIONAL calories that you will burn AFTER exercise. I’ll repeat that AFTER exercise, how much fat did you think you could burn in a workout? Most of your fat burning will take place up to 48 hours after you finish training! Once you’ve finished training your body at a high intensity it needs to return back to its resting state, to do this your body burns a huge amount of calories for up to 48 hours (long slow boring cardio does not count, but great for your cardio system-heart & lungs). EPOC is accompanied by an elevated consumption of fuel. In response to intensive exercise, fat stores are broken down and free fatty acids (FFA) are released into the blood. In recovery, the direct oxidation of free fatty acids used as fuel and the energy consuming re-conversion of FFA's back into fat stores both take place, burning your unwanted calories!

That sounds great but why should you care?

Well if you want to shift a lot of unwanted body fat, and I am talking extreme weight loss, you will want to optimize EPOC as best as you can so that you increase the total number of calories you burn on a daily basis. The effect EPOC has on dropping stubborn body fat depends directly on the intensity of your workout session. So this means the harder you work out, where the intensity is very high for a short period of time (30-45 minutes) the more energy your body will need to burn to bring your body back to its resting state.

How to take advantage and maximize the effects of EPOC

Shorter rest periods: Less rest means working harder, which also means EPOC will work overtime to recover. Work as hard a possible especially combining resistance and interval training. Make sure you do full functional body weight workouts, especially working the legs - this really works the body hard as it increases your heart rate and helps generate EPOC. Always remember the longer you can keep your heart rate elevated, the great the effect of EPOC which simply means extreme weight loss guaranteed!

Don’t worry about working for a much shorter duration of time, just make sure you increase the intensity – you may not burn as any calories during the actual workout, but it’s the overall calories burned after your workout during the day that count! You should, ideally, be performing three to five high intensity sessions per week, making sure the workouts are varied, change workouts as much as possible to shock your system – making it work harder. Some sessions should be more resistance based like dumbbells, power-clubs, power-bands, whilst other workouts should be more aerobic/anaerobic such as explosive sprints and body weight exercise (plyometric/isotonic/isometric).

Now your body will be burning calories at a higher rate straight after your workouts. You will be using up nutrients at a faster pace to help you recover and burning huge amounts of stubborn body fat. Remember to combine this with frequent high protein healthy meals and this will equal extreme weight loss without a doubt. Fitcamps, Dirty:30, IN10SITY and Personal Training are amazing ways to boost EPOC as they are the perfect mix of cardio-vascular and resistance training. So if you want to experience extreme fat loss now you know best way to lose weight GUARANTEED!

Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss Training

First let me make one very important statement...

MUSCLE BURNS FAT Yes, for your muscles to move (F.F.I.T./H.I.I.T./resistant/body weight training) your body will utilise fat as the main energy source. Move Your Muscles >>>> Increases Metabolism >>>> Burns Fat


Now back to Neuro Fitness, why use Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss Training? It leads to faster fat loss More muscle contracts with each exercise 
(move your muscle>burn fat!) Improved co-ordination with decreased risk of injury.

How Does Neuro Metabolic Fitness Help You Lose Fat More Quickly?

By teaching your nervous system how to properly contract muscle, your body will start building muscle more easily (remember, muscle>metabolism>fat burn, you’re getting the picture now - yeah?), so building muscle is important to burn fat even when you don't want to get bigger. You see, nerve signals tell muscle to shorten, which leads to a muscle contraction.

Here's how this works- Nerve signal travels from brain down to your spinal cord, then from your trunk to your arms and legs. Brain >>>> Spinal Cord & Trunk Muscles >>>> Arms/Legs It's pretty simple. Your brain controls the initiation of nerve signals, your muscles react according to the instructions your brain provides, and then your joints have little nerve receptors that provide feedback to your brain and let it know how everything ended up. The feedback receptors are called ‘Proprioceptors’, and they deal with position sense (where your body is in space.) The faster (and more accurate) your nerve speed, the more muscle you get to use in any given exercise.

The more muscle you use, the higher the metabolic demand of exercise. With increased metabolic demand your body starts to burn calories in overdrive mode hours after you leave the gym. (Remember EPOC?) How Neuro Fitness Increases Muscle Contraction Ok, so enough about where the motor signal comes from. There's actually another signal that's really important if you want to activate as much muscle as possible. That's known as your 'Premotor Signal'. You must be wondering how all of this applies to your fat loss program. Well, let me break it down for you - with enhanced signal strength & motor pathways, your body is going to be able to perform movement with less effort, thereby allowing the ‘Premotor Area' of your brain to start working harder. The ‘Premotor Area' is your movement planning centre. By properly learning to activate your movement planning centre, you can increase contractile strength by up to 30%. Pretty clever eh? But more important it’s great for increasing lean muscle, leading to increased metabolism...and yes you’ve guessed it...

AMAZING FAST FAT BURNING! Still with me?...Now I’ve mentioned ‘increasing lean muscle’, and I’ve also explained how EPOC will be burning calories hours after your workout...now your body has to increase and strengthen and grow these lean muscles. It does this after your training (mostly while you sleep), but what I’m getting at is that for your system to ‘grow’ these lean muscle fibres it has to burn even more calories for the process to take place. GREAT MORE FAT BURNING! Plus the more lean muscle you have the more calories you have to burn to work your new improved lean muscles...

MORE & MORE FAT BURNING!!! Protein is a diet requirement to increase lean muscle, it’s paramount to supply your system with high grade protein regularly throughout the day (more of this in my diet sections), now you see why protein is great for fat burning. Neuro can also lead to improved co-ordination with decreased risk of injury. Less injuries >>>> more training >>>> more fat burning We’ve all heard the famous quote, "It's just like riding a bike" when they say it's easy to pick back up on something. This is called ‘Plasticity’, also known as ‘Muscle Memory'. Remember talking about proprioceptors (position sensors) before? Well, once your body learns a movement over a period of about 6 weeks, something called ‘Plasticity' takes place. This is a chemical change in your brain where grooves & bumps (sulci & gyri) develop to represent movement.

Your brain actually becomes more organized and a permanent (or "plastic") change takes place. Well, with plasticity/muscle memory taking place, your body no longer has to tense every muscle up and hold on for dear life every time you do a pull up, and it knows exactly where to go. Your brain is no longer telling you that the weights may come crashing down on your head when you do bench press or skull crushers. Now, your body can work on fluidity of movement, or co-ordination. Now with improved coordination you’re less likely to pull a muscle or move a joint out of place. With increased co-ordination, you're more likely to last longer with each set, because only the intended muscles are being targeted. If you last longer on each set, you get more work done. If you get more work done, you burn more fat faster, and around and around we go...

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